Deputy Dawg: Harry stands in wonderfully for Mutt in 2005

A little fella wha have I have know all his life has just died. The sweet little terrier, Harry, met his maker in his adoptive home near Mauberge on the Belgium border with France.
Before heading north this nice Nice dog lived on the ritzy Riviera and attended more than one Palm Dog ceremony in Cannes. He even got to stand in for Uncle Mutley and a fine job he did too. Maybe his long standing connection to Mutt rubbed off because he was in his element posing for the cameras on the beach.
But truth was that feisty Harry and ‘Ole Uncle Mutt were not exactly bosom pals. In fact there were some notable scrapes. Many a country walk ended in snarling and snapping and one more than one occasion a Tyson level of violence as they pair went for each other.
That said I know that there was admiration there and I know Mutt was more than happy that Harry did the Palm Dog honours.
RIP to a rather wonderful little fella.