Maybe Monday the Uzes Lakeland – 17 years young!

I have a personal stake in this post. Yes, I ! Many a year ago a ‘dog fancier’ identified me to a close friend as a Lakeland Terrier. As my fanbase well knows I am a Fox and a
Proud and a wire haired version of the breed. This attempt on my heritage left me somewhat jaundiced toward the Lakeland.
All that changed this summer.
For I found myself in the company of not one but two Lakelands. The first was totally endearing. `Chugging along at the age of ….17 in a large country house outside Uzes in Provence near the historic Pont du Gard – scene of many a waterborn frolic in my riverery past. Maybe Monday was a pedigree lovely who was still pottering around and mustard keen for nibbles. A very splendid example of living it large in later life.
And then across the channel in the northen grit of Macclesfield I chanced upon a young and highly groomed Lakeland. Strutting stuff in the Farmer’s Market and turning heads along the way.
Having seen these charmers I had two reactions. Firstly I saw that this was close relative and, yes, I saw a likeness. Secondly, this breed is something of a stunner. So summer 2012 was the year of Lakeland rehabilitaton. And not a moment too soon !!

A foxy Lakeland!