Love at first lick!

Clapped eyes on this delightful young lady. Was drawn in for a random cuddle. She was sitting there on the terrace of a cafe in Covent Garden ….a latter day Eliza Doolittle
And just as sweet!
So imagine the surprise when she was scooped up in the arms of my pal Toby and we were told she was Lily the Jug….a cross between a Jack Russell and a pug
These sort of chance encounters are truly what life is made of.
Not only was Lily destined for the arms of pal, Toby, but she was the dearest darling. Super friendly who was right away up for a cuddle.
In a world of walk on by and stare ahead this was lovely moment of warmth in a city full of shrugs and indifference. Lily you put people in the pink!
I raise Toby Jug to that!