Emilio, Carola & Sola
Sola the Chihauhau at the Cinderella Disney Party with Emilio and Carola

Berlin Film Festival was awash with wagging tails on screen. The Club was complete canine homage as we witnessed greyhound training by priests and nuns. That has to be something of cine first for dogs. In the Teddy winning film Nasty Baby a grouchy old neighbour shows he is kind hearted, not least, because he spends much of his screen time walking his rather dashing ….greyhound. Yes, another of these long legged super fast doggies made a Berlin bow wow and all agreed they look so very elegant on camera.
And then there was a very sweet moment when James Franco and Zachary Quinto shack up in I Am Michael and then bring a lovely black bowser into their lives as a declaration of love and homemaking. It was so cute but, sadly, did not last…..but for a few screen moments this was a most loveable gay family
And now to our cute – so cute – real life family of the humanoid/canine variety. Your intrepid blogger was invited to the Cinderella premiere party in East Berlin. Aside from Cate Blanchett and Kenneth Branagh we had a number of very glitzy guests. A most eyecatching couple were Emilio and Carola who were great company and then made themselves even more delightful when they produced cutey pie Sola from a bag. This smuggled lovely was a big hit with party goers, who found the pooch alot more cuddly than ……er a pumpkin!