A Cromer Street Star Star shoots a stern glance - what did this young lady just do????

Out walking in the newly groovy King's Cross there are fashion victims from Central St Martins and foodie disciples from the new restaurants and young ladies taking their new pups out for some air.
This walk seems to have been a little more eventful than the regular trot round the neighbourhood judging by the head swivel of Star, the Jack Russell.
We might never know what happened or what was said but clearly young Star snapped round quick smart after what was not doubt something a little out of the ordinary.
What is for sure is that Star - for one so young - is blessed with keen senses of decorum was is not afraid to let everyone know when something amiss goes off!
Or maybe it was just a charming look as much as to say "Yes, I am happy to have one those dog treats you hide in your pocket...." It is plan to see that such an expressive little dog is going to go far.....