A yummy sausage doggie

A yummy sausage doggie

I got to see a preview of Weiner-Dog – Such is the world of stardust and luck in which I roll! It was classic Solondz. Bitter sweet with dark redemption after a truly gruesome road traffic accident. Not for the faint of heart.
And as you know I love to share the love….and here is your chance. To truly benefit from the fun and games best be resident in the UK to claim and use the prize. Get snapping!!

“Have you seen Wiener-Dog?

To celebrate the release of Todd Solondz’ WIENER-DOG on 12th August, Picturehouse Entertainment has today launched the competition Wiener-Dog Go!, offering film fans the chance to win a year’s supply of cinema tickets.

With so many people glued to their phones trying to capture imaginary ‘creatures’, Wiener-Dog Go! challenges competitors to find the most legendary creature of them all – the dachshund (Wiener-Dog)!

Named after the eponymous dachshund of Solondz’ film, who connects the lives of a group of people as she travels around America, Wiener-Dog Go! offers a fun and live-action alternative to other location-based games this Summer.

Entrants are invited to take a picture of any dachshund dog “in the wild” (a picture of the official WIENER-DOG film poster will also work) and post the image on their social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) with the hashtag #WienerDogFilm. Picturehouse will collate all entries and pick a winner at random, who will win a year’s supply of cinema tickets for them plus a friend (terms & conditions apply).

More details on the competition and the film can be found here: http://haveyouseenwienerdog.com/competition”