Rex meets Amanda Holden at the 2015 Battersea Coats And Collars Gala Evening

Glamour and dogs are a magical wow, indeed a bow wow combination ! Add to that the opportunity to raise money for the world famous Battersea Dogs and Cats home and you have the recipe for a wonderful starry soiree.

One extra special guest at this year’s Collars and Coats was the sweetest little Jack, who went by the name of Rex. Stars including Amanda Holden, Paul O’Grady and David Gandy all came over to cuddle, stroke and pose up with Rex. Thease photos made an extra special, very poignant album for the work of Battersea. Barely a year old he was a true symbol of the work of Battersea.
This plucky little fella had the worst of starts in life. Abandoned a few months into his short life he then had the misfortune to be run over by a car. Despite the best efforts of the Battersea Rescue team he was in such a poor state on no fewer than three occassions he was in danger of being put to sleep. Thanks to the wonderful work of the Battersea team he improved enough to be put up for adoption. Of course, such a difficult start in life had left scars which affected his temperament making him a tricky case for homing.
So hat’s off to Kitty who took Rex on. Lussorian watched the stars arriving and watched as all the big names took the time to say hello and pose up with Rex. A true unsung, unassuming pooch poster boy for the good works that the evening was championing.
Kitty revealed it was a difficult undertaking caring for Rex and that his grisly injurues had resulted in occassional aggresive behavior which on at least once resulted in painful bites. But care very tender loving care transformed Rex. This handsome young chap now has a secure home and is safe in the knowledge that he melts hearts where ever he goes.
And not only that he is something of mascot and takes his duties seriously. Just down the river from the Tower of London poppy moat, this patriotic pooch sported a poppy to show his support for the forces. This big hearted little dog showed he was already giving back so soon after travelling a tough path along the road to recovery. God Save The Rex !