For whom the dogs barked

Just back from Cuba. A wonderful island full of wonderful people and wonderful scenery and wonderful dogs.
I met a couple of house hounds who were very happy leading the life in the Playa district and were indeed very playful!
But I have to say that a visit to the home of Nobel Prize Winner Earnest Hemingway was a true highlight. My favourite of his books was For Whom The Bell Tolls and in some )ok a bit of a stretch…!) you can see a dog connection. Ring a ding ding and Pavlov’s dog reacts.
“The dogs used in conditioned response experiments by a Russian scientist of the late nineteenth century, Ivan Pavlov. In these experiments, Pavlov sounded a bell while presenting food to a dog, thereby stimulating the natural flow of saliva in the dog’s mouth. After the procedure was repeated several times, the dog would salivate at the sound of the bell, even when no food was presented.” say the experts
A wonderful moment to see the honourable place that the dogs gravestones took next to the swimming pool in the shadow of his beloved fishing boat. And to add a special touch a black and white mutt was wandering among the tourists and the tombstones to remind everyone that the great writer was a great fan of canines.