A Pudsey super likeable lookalike

This was a very hip get together of hounds who were rather fabulous and did the four-legged proud. Shoreditch doggie outfitters LoveMyDog supplied the natty kit for canines and they certainly looked rather dapper dogs. Paw pageant-astic!
But the key in this catwalk doggie fiesta was talent and it has to be said that Gus was a true bow wow. He headed straight to the serried ranks of cameras and popped up on his hind legs with front legs in a most affecting begging pose. But it was the cheeky stare down of the cameras that proved a winner and a killer fringe. Judges pretty soon had this little fella marked down as the dog to beat.
But there were others who were nipping at the heels…notably a lookalike called Sherlock Bones. Hearts melted across Spitalfields Market as the 4 months old fox terrier did his turn.
How could a pooch be so cute? For Sherlock Bones the task er er elementary