Go Gobi! Go 4 Gold!

Go Gobi!
Go 4 Gold!

When I am not rushing around chasing sticks, wagging my tail and getting ready for a weekend on walk there is couch potato time. In front of the gogglebox I got a cheery surprise of a stray who stayed the course. OZ runner Dion Leonard was taking part in the Gobi March 2016 and as he made his way across the arid landscape a little mutt showed up and tagged along. As a top athlete his focus was on the run but after many a mile he could not help noticing that the little hound was still at his heels. An instant bond had formed and the plucky mutt stayed the course until the finish. Dion and his doggie became firm friends which called for a name and thus Gobi was christened. The unlikely pair carried on the competition and obviously you don’t dump a teammate.
“She was the best dog you could imagine – no barking, no biting, no chewing on things, no rooting through bags or stealing socks,” said Richard Henson, who shared a tent with Leonard and Gobi. “If one of us would get up in the middle of the night for a bathroom break, upon coming back into the tent, Gobi would let out a little growl until she confirmed who you were. If Dion got up, she would follow him and escort him there and back. It was a really special bond between Dion and Gobi.”
While dogs have followed competitors on past 4 Deserts races, this was the first time that a dog had been so fast and had completed so many stages.
Henson and tentmates Allen Kerton and Mike Read noticed that the bond was so strong that they soon began to encourage Leonard to adopt Gobi and bring her to the UK with him.
And to help Gobi return home with Dion from the Gobi desert they need you help.
Leonard has since started the long and expensive process of bringing Gobi back to the UK. With estimated costs of up to GBP 5,000 and many Gobi March 2016 competitors looking to help, Leonard has set up a crowd funding page at http://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/bring-gobi-home/. For now, Gobi remains in Urumqi and is being cared for by the Gobi March’s local manager, Medina.
“[The] relationship [between man and dog is one] forged over the history of mankind. Although, I must say the relationship formed between Dion and Gobi in such a compressed time is truly unique. The stories I have been told were very special.”
It with pride and emotion I post this link to Crowdfund Gobi back to the UK!
Let’s do our bit.
If you are interested in following Gobi’s journey home to the UK, then you can follow Dion Leonard @Oh_Yes_Please. Tag your photos of Gobi with #bringgobihome and donations to fund Gobi’s journey to the UK can be made at http://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/bring-gobi-home/