May They Bark In Peace

Not many other writers prided themselves on sweating out each word in blood, sweat and machismo. In short not many other writers were so dogged in their pursuit of perfection which would take him to world hotspots from the Spanish Civil War and the Second War World. His depictions of man made Hemingway a method actor among writers. A Raging Bull of a writer.
One location where he allowed himself to be cut off from the struggles and bloodshed of the world was his hilltop above Havana home in Cuba.
This ivory tower amongst the lush greenery was an escape from the turmoil of the world. And here he would entertain Hollywood royalty and sup on his cocktails including the mojito. When he was in search of company he would head into Havana and his favourite bar, the Floridita. To this day they celebrate their most celebrated barfly with memorabilia and point out his favourite place to prop up the bar.
When he wasn’t writing or carousing, Hemingway would enjoy fishing and head off in pursuit of the larger fiercer species of fish. But after all these manly pursuits he would come back to his hilltop retreat and spend downtime with his dogs. The estime in which he held his Best Friends is evident. The gravestones to Black, Negrita, Neron and Linda are in a neat row Rest In Peace, shaded by palms and in the shadow of his beloved fishing boat.
Maybe if he had lived he would have turned his legendary writing skills to For Whom The Dog Barked.