Could cuteness get cuter? Street dog Cannes-style!

There was a Tweet which said it all about Palm Dog Cannes 2014. “Paddy Power were not taking anymore bets” And the reason? Jean-Luc Godard had cast his own dog in his latest Cannes film, Farewell to Language. Talk about Nouvelle Wag!
Since that ‘It’s a slam dunk’ Tweet there has been a veritable avalanche of pooch talent hitting the screens leading to a dramatic widening of the field of canine contenders. White Gods is a Hungarian films with no fewer than 200 hounds pounding the streets. And the poster is a dog Ben Hur of surging hounds in full flight.
Add to that a dog in the competition Cronenberg and you are starting to see a close race.
Outside the Official Selection there are some amazing items…not least Pudsey. This is a film which stars the Britain’s Got Talent’s winner in the title role. And for Palm Dog fans you will remember that Pudsey was down in Cannes last year to promote the film – now a reality and aiming high at the box office. In short Palm Dog 2014 is looking set to be a close run thing with more than ever dogs stepping up the plate.