Lil red rinding pug

The problem with dogs is their ability to surprise with their sixth sense. Forget their legendary ears and sense of smell dogs also have an uncanny (no, not dog food!!) sense of timing. A little earlier today I was sat in a Soho restaurant talking about Kingsmen, a new psycho drama which has dogs in a key role. Roles that scream Palm Dog and Fidos. Devotion to dogs versus a secret service sense of duty was a key scene in the film which I had only just been discussing. In a traumatic scene dogs were allotted to the trainees and were later – after bonding – the ultimate test of ruthlessness. Could wanna be Bonds dispatch the dog for the purposes of a mission! Yikes, indeed. One such pooch was a pug who’s life was in the balance at the end of a gun barrel!! Myself and a pal were discussing this nailbiting scene when……..
On cue in waltzes – or should that be sashays in a nestling position under arm of human pal – Phyllis. And OMG what an entrance. This little lady pug was wearing a rather fetching bright red onesie with hood. Cute does not even begin to describe the look
All I can say is that Phyllis is gonna get a gold embossed invite to the Fidos 2015….and who knows she might get a role in the meantime. A doggie star on screen for Into The Woods ll?
What I was seeing here was Little Red Riding Pug. Move over Meryl and step up Phyllis….