One furry and fabulous pooch pop picker!

Just the other day I paid a visit to Soho Radio and was discussing the fun and games of Fashion Victim – The Musical! While talking over multiple other topics the subject of the Palm Dog arose. And on cue a pooch padded onto the premises. Unimaginable timing. Amazing timing.
And then the spooky coincidence went from crazy to mad. The little darling gloried in the name of Queenie which was the name of one of my dearly departed dog pals who is now in the great kennel in the sky.
Talking of those dearly departed, a thought for the canine companion of a woman who is considered the ultimate in airhead and hedonism…..Paris Hilton. Her little chap Tinkerbell has passed after 14 bling and jet set filled years at her side and more often in her arms.
This was Paris’s touching Instagram tribute.

“My heart is broken