As far as I can see there is no drought about it! As a roving reporter I feel I need to share my experience of the recent weather conditions in London. The place has been swept by more rain than you could imagine. Just when you thought there would be a break in the dark rain clouds…whoosh..along came another. In the face of this inclement weather I would like to take my hat off to Dog’s Best Friend for venturing out in this ghastly climate to take us for a walk. Not only do they have to do battle with the elements with us hardy souls but they are taking something of a time bomb with them on a lead and priming it. A dog in rain soaks up the rain like the best sponge. And as we all know on return there is the inevitable as night follows days, as Friday follows Thursday. Yes. The shake. No matter what level of towel down goes on after passing through the front door, a further shudder and shake will always send more droplets flying in all directions. It is a moment of folklore and joy but also has the potential to dirty an entire room, soil an entire wardrobe or ensure a full valet service will return the car to clean. Yes rain and dogs means batten down the hatches and ensure that surfaces which stain easily are fully protected. Owners you have been warned.