Rocky went to the rescue and paid with his life. He is not forgotten!

While chilling in Belgium in the company of the wonderful Paxo we went a call in’ on a local lady by the name of Nicole the sometime dog sitter to my fox terrier host.
Chez Nicole is most certainly dog friendly and indeed full of dogs! What a fun bunch off four legged. All happy under the same roof. And not only that but there are pictures of pooches past and present.
One faded colour snap caught my attention, though I could not have

been prepared for the back story to this portrait. It was a chirpy shot of Rocky the FoxTerrier. A me breed. Yes, a fellow Fox Terrier.
Nicole recounted how her trusty little companion had saved from a savaging from a raging Alsatian by literally leap between Nicole’s face and the snarling fangs of the irate Germa Shepherd. Sadly Rocky paid with his life when the nasty Alsatian turned his vicious attentions to Rocky. Sadly Nicole’s saviour could not be saved despite the best efforts of the vet and thus Rocky was no more and died a hero’s death.
To this day the valiant houd is remembered by Nicole who might have gone threat pfToky but for his selfless actions.
As you can see from the photos the demise of Nicole would have been grievous loss to her current canine companions Garou, Sissi and Max. All firmest of friends in the Belgium countryside and dogsitters one and all to my good friend Pixo.

Nicole with her canine pals