Part Lurcher. Part Unknown. All Stanley , a riverside rover,.

I had the pleasure of visiting the country seat of Stanley, a most stylish lurcher cross who lives overlooking the River Stour. He shares his rather delightful country pile with a jolly family of arty types, The Christophers. That name might mean something to regular blogsters. Yes, Stan shares digs with James Christopher who has done sterling service on the jury of the Palm Dog in Cannes and the Fidos in London.
I reckon that his judging skills have been helped by his four legged friend. When I visited we went on a long country walk through the fields of waving wheat which had a restful quality which just lends itself to reflection. If you are to ponder who might or might not get Top Dog honours at the Fidos, I think, the very least you can do is go for a hike to order your thoughts.
Stanley – a People’s Dog – lives on the Essex side of the majestic River Stour. But he often crosses over into the more upmarket Suffolk (or so they think!) which is an area known as Constable country. I am sure if Constable was painting today he would have found a space for dashing Stanley in the Haywain. This is one looker of a lurcher cross.