Chien qui fume Back in the day there were those really heartbreaking images of beagles imprisoned in labs to test the ravages of smoking on the lungs and the rest of the body. Ghastly cruel waste to prove something that was obvious. But the cute of the canine continues to be harnessed to the smokers world. Well known in France are buy generic cialis bars and restaurants which glory in the name of Le Chein Qui Fume – The Smoking Dog. I lunched in one the other day. Despite the obvious ethical issues about co-opting Man’s Best Friend with the aim of making fags an image boost this place was more than usually creative. The dapper dog with the jaunty hat was a hit. As were miscellaneous doggy statuettes. But the winner by a country mile was the metallic dog on the bar which was laden with hard boiled eggs. This looked like a creation out of the mind of BBC Children’s TV meets Wall-E from the Pixar people. We canadian pharmacy can all agree this is dog as beast of burden which is a true talking point. In short four legged fabulous! Misgivings give way to an involuntary smile. They might be pushing cigs but they have an eye for the eye catching.