The Fidos Crew 2016 gather to celebrate this year's canine greats

The Fidos Crew 2016 gather to celebrate this year’s canine greats

What a woppa of a day with dogs Gus and Goose on hand to celebrate a bumper year of dogs on the Big Screen. A host of hounds scooped prizes but it was Bosco who came through to win the hugely prized, Best In World. And we got to find out something rather personal about this cuddly canine. Judges were not to know when they awarded him Mutt Moment for his stand out performance in The Voices what a frisky fella they had elevated to Canine Superstardom!

“Bosco was an adorable dog. Much easier to shoot with him than with the Scottish cat.
Only one problem. Bosco was extremely sensitive. If you caressed him just once on the head he would have a great election.
You see the size of the dog? You can imagine the size of the erection!
So I had to ask everyone not to touch him. Never!
Or I should have filmed him only from the back. Even the profile wasn’t possible.
Thank you for Bosco!” recalls director Marjane Satrapi

The Fido Awards 2016 was a very special year with a bigger than ever field
of canine contenders. So fierce was competition that even Snoopy was pipped at the post! The event moved to a Peak Awards Season slot and took place at the Jones Family Project in Shoreditch. We were thrilled this year to partner with Lily’s XX who supplied scrumptious goodie bags and assorted treats. The colour
coded trophy collars were created by bespoke Doggie outfitters Creature Clothes.
The judges – Kate Muir from The Times, Kaleem Aftab from The Independent, respected film journalist David Gritten, Rita Di Santo from The Morning Star and Damon Wise from Empire – reached the following verdicts :
Blockbuster Bowser
Winner: Hagen – played by canine actors Luke and Bodie in White God
Comedy Canine
Winner: Dennis the Dog (voiced by Robin Williams) – in Absolutely, Anything
Historical Hound
Winner: Pixie the terrier in The Danish Girl
Mutt Moment
Winner: Bosco (voiced by Ryan Reynolds) in The Voices
Romcom Rover
Winner: Bob , The Sheepdog, in The Lobster