The Founding Father of the Palm Dog Awards

The portrait of Founding Father of the Palm Dog Awards, hangs proudly in cyberspace

Just in from the Palm Dog Paris archive comes this rather wonderful portrait of Mutley, the founder of Palm Dog and The Fidos. I have to say the likeness is uncanny and captures the bearing and glam of a prince among pooches.

I wager that this fine portrait would do the walls of the swankest country club proud.

As we enter 2017, with many Palm Dog projects moving from back to piping hot front burner, I feel the father of all this activity with have just cause to be raising a doggie smile from up there in kennel heaven.

In the portrait and awards and press and soon more film, the memory of this finest of fox terriers lives on. The son of Champagne in France has carved a righteous place in the world of dogs on film.